A 60lb Cell Phone?

How your tiny little cell phone turns into neck/back pain My favorite topic….Body Awareness. Here’s a great visual on how those indispensible cell phones and devices can add the weight of a large back pack or small child to your back. Anatomical truth: When you head sits directly over your spine in neutral (0 degrees of bend in your neck), so the weight is properly carried by the...
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How to begin cultivating your home practice

Finding it hard to get on your mat? Ever find yourself feeling bad or making excuses for neglecting your home practice?  Why is it so hard to make the time to practice yoga without the structure of a class?  Everyone, even teachers struggle from time to time, so don’t feel bad, know you aren’t alone. By taking even 15 minutes a day for yourself, you will find a noticable difference...
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The Art of Choosing Happiness

Have you ever wondered about those people who seem to be so genuinely happy all the time? Years ago I found myself asking that question and honestly wondered if these people were for real. Had I’d missed some important lesson on happiness along the way? Having experienced my share of pain, difficulty and sadness in my life (as we all do), I started to wonder if I was destined to be unhappy...
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