Interested in Thai Massage, yet unsure if it’s for you?

Here, you will find answers!

Using gentle stretch, pressure points, joint mobility/release techniques and blocked energy lines in the body, Thai Massage helps to bring you back to centre, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Some of the things Thai Massage is effective in working with:

Chronic Pain


Misaligned Posture



Digestive Disorders

Prenatal Care


Emotional Trauma


Multiple Sclerosis


Sports Injury

The usefulness of Thai Massage extends far beyond this list, so feel free to contact Jennifer to discuss your needs. We have two locations for your convenience.

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The popularity and rapid growth of Thai Massage as a respected massage modality of Complimentary and Integrative Medicine in the West parallels that of Yoga.  People are experiencing profound, unexpected, life changing results as Thai Massage links the connection between ailment and emotions in a way that few other therapies do.  Thai Massage is a unique, therapeutic and potent option to heal, both inside and out.

To ensure are receiving proper therapeutic treatment, verify that your therapist is certified with a minimum of 1000hrs training and registered with a 3rd party organization such as the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, The Acadamy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists or Namasta.


What Is Thai Massage?

Combining the use of gentle stretch to lengthen tight muscles, joint mobility,  acupressure points and energy lines to realign and balance you physiological and energetically, you will feel open, lighter and balanced. It is also a tool to release stored emotion held within the body that creates blocks and barriers in our lives.

More on Thai Massage

Energy in the body, what is that about anyway? Allow me to clarify. We all agree the wind exists. Not because we actually see it, but by the rustle of the leaves in the trees or feel of its breeze on your skin. Energy in the body is very much like the wind and moves through your body in various directions, similar to currents in the ocean.

Taking your body’s energy flow into account, each massage is designed to meet you where you’re at restoring balance from anxiety, lethargy etc and no two are ever the same. Thai Massage takes into consideration all aspects of your life (stress, home environment, relationships, emotions, diet, physical body) taking you on a journey within to heal from the inside out Or it may simply be used as a physical therapeutic and rehabilitative tool, the choice is yours, it’s about your comfort level.

At this point, you are either intrigued or thinking ya right. Either way, keep reading, at very least you will be up to speed and in the loop of Complimentary Medicine.

What To Expect

Thai Massage is traditionally practiced on a large soft mat on the floor, mine is heated for extra comfort.  You remain fully clothed and there are no oils used, although warm salt compresses are occasionally incorporated when appropriate.  Sessions begin with a health overview, obtaining an accurate understanding of what is occurring in your body and external environment as well as your health goals, then, based upon this information, a series of stretches and postures, specifically tailored to be most beneficial to you is applied.



HomePlay (Way more fun than homework!)

“To arrive in that direction, you must walk in that direction” Rumi

Yes, homeplay!  After all, isn’t it about exploring and discovering ourselves?  Daily massage is unrealistic for most of us, however spending 5 to 10 minutes a day empowering yourself is.  It is also the key to progress and lasting results.  Utilizing Yoga Therapy,  together we will find passive or active exercises, both appealing to you and specific to your needs that will be easily incorporated into your life, creating a special ritual you will look forward to each day.


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