The lineage of Thai Massage I study under Nikki Manzie is affiliated with the Northern Thai Tradition of the Shivago Komarpaj Lineage and the Tao Mountain Association in the United States, whose director and founder is Pierce Salguero,  who Nikki has studied under for years.

This lineage was established by Ajahn Sintorn Chaichakan through his work at the Traditional Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand which he founded in 1973. Ajahn Sintorn was instrumental in the development of a Thai Massage program at the prestigious Wat Pho temple of Bangkok at the request of King Rama IX in the late 1950′s. Ajahn Sintorn later returned to Chiang Mai, adapting the massage techniques to the people and traditional practices he encountered there.

Pierce spent much time in Thailand (1997-2001) studying and later teaching with Ajahn Sintorn, as well as studying with other practitioners/teachers associated with the hill-tribe traditions of Northern Thai massage. In late 2001, Pierce returned to the States, and with the permission of his teacher, established a school and organization dedicated to the study, preservation and education of Traditional Thai massage, herbal medicine, healing culture and Theravada Buddhism.

I am proud to be studying under my teacher Nikki who is affiliated with these teachings, using them as part of her curriculum. While we explore other healing traditions (such as Indian Ayurveda) along with traditional Thai Massage and medicine, it is done with care to keep the distinctions between these systems clear, while exploring cross-influences in culture, philosophy and traditional medicine theory.

It is an honour to study and carry on the lineage of Shivago Komarpaj.

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