How to begin cultivating your home practice

Finding it hard to get on your mat?childs pose

Ever find yourself feeling bad or making excuses for neglecting your home practice?  Why is it so hard to make the time to practice yoga without the structure of a class?  Everyone, even teachers struggle from time to time, so don’t feel bad, know you aren’t alone.

By taking even 15 minutes a day for yourself, you will find a noticable difference in flexibility, patience, reduced stress (you’re pacifying your nervous system and breathing well).  You’ll also probably notice that if you never feel like you have enough time, you may start to.

Tips for getting your home practice started and maintained:

1) Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes a day simply for you.  Make it your priority.

2) Creat a ritual and make is special, light a candle, put a flower beside your mat, soothing music, whatever create a sense of calm for you.

3) Find a delicious pose that your body can’t wait to get into, something that makes you drool, seriously. Long to step onto your mat instead of forcing it.  Also, don’t discredit the value of practicing your least favorite asanas.  The deepest lessons and growth often come from what makes us uncomfortable.  Be courageous!

4)  Keep your journal next to your mat when you practice.  I can’t tell you how many times my practice has opened me up to allow the emotions to flow.

Write down anything that comes up for you, joy in an asana, a new discovery about yourself.  Notice how you approach your practice and how you deal with life, there is often an interesting correlation.  (Do this for community classes as well;  things you liked (or didn’t) that you want to do at home, remember, it’s often the stuff we don’t like that we need the most!).

Trouble finding that delicious pose?

Lay on your mat and begin “feeling into” yourself, explore how arms, legs, shoulders feel.  Move through your body as if for the very first time.  Ask it what it needs, it will tell you.  Look for the tight spots and see what your body does with it.  Allow yourself to be intuitively guided by your body’s needs.

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