A 60lb Cell Phone?

How your tiny little cell phone turns into neck/back pain

My favorite topic….Body Awareness. Here’s a great visual on how those indispensible cell phones and devices can add the weight of a large back pack or small child to your back.

Anatomical truth: When you head sits directly over your spine in neutral (0 degrees of bend in your neck), so the weight is properly carried by the spine, it weighs somewhere between 10-12lbs.

As soon as your head comes forward from neutral, you lose the assistance of your bones to support the weight. At 15 degrees forward from neutral, your head goes from weighing 10lbs to 27lbs, that’s nearly triple its weight!

At 30 degrees, your head will feel like it weights 40lbs, between 30 and 40 degrees there’s only a 9lbs difference bringing it up to 49lbs, but at 60 degrees, you add a full SIXTY POUNDS to your poor back, neck and shoulders!!

Now think about how over time, your spine is going to round at the shoulders and arch at the low back to accommodate. Not a Happy Back!

Do this 5-10 minutes daily to counter the problem and give your spine some love!


You can easily use wool blankets in place of blocks and bolster.
Extra benefits: when you slow and deepen the breath, the heart rate lowers, the nervous system calms and the entire body glides into a state of homeostasis

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