“That was one of the best massages I’ve ever had Jennifer, and I’ve had a lot of massages!”

Silken Laumann – Olympian, Public Speaker, Author

“I am a Registered Massage Therapist and former instructor of Massage Therapy. I have received years of body work of many types and by various practitioners.

I first met Jennifer as a student in one of her yoga classes. I thoroughly enjoyed her style of teaching, her genuine passion for yoga and when her hands would support a pose my body responded immediately. So I made an appointment to experience Thai Massage with Jennifer.

Jennifer has an amazing ability to “listen and dialogue” with my body with her hands. I immediately felt safe and supported and I could feel my muscles and soft tissue lengthen and melt by her intention and careful precision of specific techniques. I feel centered, balanced and present in my body after a session with Jennifer. I look forward to continuing to work with Jennifer in the future.”

Erin Perrault, Powell River, BC

“I love Jenn’s yoga classes because they are so intuitive and flowing; never routine”

Sharon, Lund BC

“Jennifer is an amazingly connected spirit who can find her way into your troubled spots, creating mobi lity and openness. Your soul will feel rekindled and at peace at the end of your session with this ever evolving woman and teacher of restorative health.”

Abby, Powell River BC

“Jennifer teaches her classes in the true spirit of yoga – sharing & caring for all participants. She is always sensitive to newcomers & individual limitations. We would encourage anyone to explore and enjoy with Jenn.”

Hugh and Diane, Lund BC

“Jennifer is wonderfully attentive, and intuitively knows how to release my blocked and tense energies, settling not only my body, but my emotions too.
She is truly gifted in reading energy and moving that energy to benefit the whole being.”

Tersia, Victoria BC

“Thai Yoga Massage with Jennifer Naples benefits body, mind and spirit. Jennifer’s sincere focus, presence in the moment, attention to personal needs and her expertise in Thai Yoga Massage provide the ultimate environment for relaxation, stress release and mind/body restoration.”

Ursula Medley, Powell River, BC

“From working with Jenn I know that she is professional, compassionate and efficient. She is a thorough yoga instructor and an intuitive bodyworker. I am blessed to have her in my life as anyone who meets her is.”

Namaste, Eve,  Lund BC
Yoga Instructor, Integrative Bodyworker

“When practicing yoga with Jennifer, I know that I am supported, encouraged and enveloped in care throughout my yoga practice.”

Tersia, Vict oria BC

“I look forward to going to Jennifer’s lunchtime classes.  They provide a peaceful oasis in the middle of an otherwise hectic day.  She creates a welcoming and accepting space and has a warm and gentle manner.  I always leave the class feeling better than when I arrived and ready to face the rest of the day.”

Gill, Victoria BC

“Jenn opened the yoga door for me years ago, but it was so much more that what I first thought.

Her attention to detail and ability to help me find my own spiritual connection made going to her class a full awareness experience. She instantly grew a following for her yoga classes, first of all because of her personality, her classes are so joyful, as well as challenging for participants. She is always attentive to my needs.

Jenn pulls together her abilities as a healer, whether it is with asanas or through Thai Massage, to listen and to help.

Constantly developing her own abilities to deepen her knowledge and support she provides, Jenn sets the bar high for herself so you know you will get thorough, damn good, tip top help. The only downfall for us in Lund, B.C. is that she is away at school to do just that, so we have to do without her for a while…”

Solene, Lund BC

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