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Whether you’re rejuvenating after a day on the mountain or visiting for a relaxing weekend getaway, a soothing massage at our Mount Washington Studio is a must-do. Located in the heart of the Village at 1139 Fosters Pl, let us personalize a massage treatment or private family yoga class uniquely for you!


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Customized to you…..

>>Gentle Thai Massage

>>Deep Tissue Thai Massage

>>Prenatal Massage

>>Delicious Ayurvedic Add-ons

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 Gentle Thai Massage_RWP9196

With a focus on soothing relaxation, pamper yourself with this unique and wonderful experience. Renowned for its healing powers, Thai Massage uses gentle stretch and soothing muscle tension release techniques, dropping you  into a state of complete bliss.

Practised on a soft heated mat, please be sure to wear comfortable clothing. We offer 60 and 90-minute treatments for this unique experience. Add the Ayurvedic Deep Oil Well to your treatment!

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Deep Tissue Thai Massage

For those who appreciate the release of a deeper treatment, Deep Tissue Thai will not disappoint. Using elbows and thumbs followed by the weight of her body, the therapist expertly connects with the deeper layers of muscle, releasing and relieving your deeper held tension. Incorporating gentle stretch, this will be a massage you come back for!

Practised on a soft heated mat, please wear comfortable clothing. We offer 60 and 90 min treatments. Add the Ayurvedic Warm Oil Well to soothe and bliss out!

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Delicious Add-On

bastiAyurvedic Deep Oil Well

Add this little taste of heaven to your Gentle or Deep Thai. Basti is a warm oil treatment. A ring is placed on the back, warm oil is drizzled into it, let stand, removed and repeated. Reaching deep into the depths of your muscles to draw out tension, words cannot describe this experience!

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 24_Dec 3_2011#3930Prenatal Massage

Massage is a wonderful way to ease the discomfort of the expecting mother as she experiences the many changes during pregnancy. With specific training in prenatal Thai, you can expect to be nurtured by our therapists, bringing ease to muscle tension and joints. Please note that it’s important to mention pregnancy in advance when reserving a massage.

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family yoga 1

Private Family Yoga

This will bring your whole family or group together like you never thought possible. Yoga isn’t just for bendy people, it’s mostly for people who aren’t. Get everyone together this winter vacation and try something fun everyone can participate in. Ages 7 & up.

 Call/txt for information or to book a class 250-218-9809

You signed us up for a what class??….I can’t go, I forgot my stretchy pants. That was my response to my sister telling us we were all going to a family yoga class the next day. Twelve of us, mom and dad, myself, two sisters, spouses and a few kids. Pretty sure it would be terrible or that I’d severely pull something….but we actually had a blast! Jenn kept us laughing and showed us some tricks to help my sore back. Surprisingly, one of the high lights of our family vacation!” Greg Parson – Converted Yoga Skeptic


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