Yoga Therapy

Standing somewhere between Eastern and Western Medicine, Yoga Therapy teaches you posture awareness and how to tap into the energy of your body with your breath to unlock muscle tension, release stress and alleviate anxiety. As a result you’ll learn to release chronic pain and calm the mind, bringing harmony to your body, relationships and life.


Jennifer’s Teaching Philosophy

Speaking from my own experiences, what I have found is that when we find peace and  heal in our heart and  mind, our body quickly follows suit and we discover a harmoneous conncetion and relationship between the body and mind. Life becomes smoother, our ability to respond as opposed to react is increased.

This concept is applied in the way Jennifer teaches. One must learn to find that place of trust and self compassion that resides within. All classes are taught in a way that educates and empowers you, helping you rediscover an inner wisdom that was always there to heal, body, mind and spirit.

Fall Yoga Therapy Schedule

 Class Descriptions


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