Private Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga therapy?

It is the art of using yoga postures, pranayama (breath) and other tools on a therapeutic level to address stess, insomnia, depression, arthritis, anxiety, increase range of motion…….the list goes on.

Yoga Therapy addresses the individual as a whole taking into consideration;  body, mind, emotions, environment, work, stress levels etc. to aid the process of bringing you back to balance on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

When we look at our physical body, we have the structure – skin, bone, muscle, organs, but we don’t end there.  Our body holds our breath, our emotions, our thoughts and our spirit – whatever it is you believe makes one tick.  We like to catagorize and seperate each of these into different compartments, but really, can you draw the line between where your body ends and your breath begins?  Where your thoughts end and your body begins?

Physiologically, our breath directly impacts our nervous and edocrine systems.  Breath gives the body the fight or flight cue.  So breath and body must be connected.

Thoughts, how many times have you heard the saying  “you are your thoughts”?  Your physical body reflects your thoughts in the way it holds itself when you feel closed off and shut down, crossing our arms, protecting and disallowing anything in.

What does a Yoga Therapy session look like?

Sessions are one on one, beginning with a short intake, describing lifestyle, stresses, physical issues and any other information you feel is pertinent to your health, physical state and well-being.

Together we will design specific yoga postures or asana to address what will be most beneficial for you at the moment as well as other tools to aid you in your healing process.

60 minute private session ~ $100

90  minute private session ~ $145


To book a Private Session call 250-218-9809

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